10 Girls With Hilarious Eyebrows! Oh, You Won’t Believe What They Did With Their Eyebrows!

2014 was the year of thick eyebrows, some girls fit with this new trend of make up because they know how to deal with it, but some girls are just want to watch the world burn!. Just check this 10 girls with their weird “home-made” eyebrows  :

1. Is that a 90 degrees angle?


She’s just disappearing her real eyebrows, and change it to this 90 degrees line. Oh why.

2. Make it straight!


I’m afraid no. This line is not even straight..

3. Mixture between trumpet and shower


She just don’t need to making an addition in the middle of her eyebrows

4. Too small. Too Weird.


Everything looks nice, until she’s drawing those little thing above her eyes

5. Finally, real eyebrows. But..


…But why did she make it look like it had been hit by an electric shock?

6. Another weird line


Maybe she need a ruler.

7. New logo of nike!


What she’s trying to say is: Nike’s logo is boring! lemme’ try to replacing it!

8. Maybe, she wanted a thin eyebrows


But she didn’t wanna lose her thick eyebrows as well. So, she keep them both.

9. Guess what is it look like?


Yeah, it looks like tadpole!. And tomorrow it will change into a frogs!

10. Even she want to cry, looking at it.


If only those weird head of eyebrows doesn’t exist.