10 Reason Why Brazilian Wandering Spider can Make You Hate Spiders More

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Before you start to read this article, I would like to give you a warning especially to those who are afraid of spiders. I know you hate spiders for a particular reason like “it is hairy and ugly” or “it is eight legged and hairy”. Therefore, what will you read in this article are things which actually about to drive your arachnophobia like crazy. Have you ever heard about this “Brazilian Wandering Spider”? If you only hate spiders because of its freaking ugly eight legs, this one has 10 reasons for you to fear them more. Here are those 10 reasons.

  1. It is the Most Venomous Spider.

Technically, the spider’s venom is the most toxic in the world. The Brazilian wandering spider is considered to be the most venomous spider according to The 2010 Guinness Book of World Records. There is an effective antitoxin exists for human use, but still just their bites alone is so painful and unpleasant.

  1. They are Pretty serious about Its Name.

Just like its name, this spider loves to wander around. Unlikely with other spiders, they are most likely wander around on the jungle floor than spin webs and stay for their prey. As a nocturne animal which is mostly hunt at night, they often stay in the shadow during the day to make them self out of sight. Finding one of these in dark places like cars, inside the shoes, and even piles of clothes is not an uncommon case for people.

  1. They are Just Like Giant for Its Kind.

Adult Brazilian wandering spider can reach up to six inch for its leg span while most spiders have its average leg span of about one inch. If you think an average spider in big enough to scare you, this one is able to grow big enough to be your nightmares.

  1. Aggressive

Most spiders will run and hide away when there is human coming for them. This spider loves to do the opposite by goes out and attacks. They occasionally deliver a painful “dry bite”, which means they are not always inject venom in their every bite. They do this as a warning, or to buy some time so they can escape from attackers.

  1. The Traveler.

Not only loves to wander, this spider also loves to travel. While their traditional habitat is in South America, they have been spotted in many places around the world! They have made a number of appearances in United Kingdom. Why this can be happening? Actually, this spider likes to hitch rides with shipments of fruit and vegetables. They often found in fruit and vegetable shipments from Brazil.

  1. It is Definitely not Fun to Get Bitten, Especially for a Man.

The venom of this spider has an unpleasant side effect which is only affect men. The venom can cause a painful erection that lasts for hours. The good thing about this is that the spider’s venom is being used to develop the cure of erectile dysfunction.

  1. The Way They Warning Us are… Terrifying.

Brazilian wandering spider has its “warning move” every time they got threatened. They try to ward off their attackers by raising its two front legs high into the air, and moving from side to side. This “dance” move performed by the spiders is considered as a pretty terrifying sight for some people.

  1. A Deadly Predator

As a nocturne, Brazilian wandering spider searches for its prey in the night. They like to eat insects, birds, and even small mammals. Can you imagine just if they grow as big as a dog? Remember the “Eight Legged Freaks” movie? Well… we’re lucky enough that they don’t.

  1. Banana Rider

Previously, we’ve mentioned that this spider likes to hitch rides along with fruits and vegetables shipments. Brazilian wandering spider is also well known as “banana spiders”, since they are often hitch rides in crates of bananas. Sometimes we can see them hiding in a sack of bananas which is sold in a convenience store.

  1. Its Name Literally means “Murderess”

This spider has a Greek name Phoneutria which is literally means murderess.