Lemons: The Heavy Duty Household Cleaner


We have to admit it that no one among us is being comfortable in a nasty dirty home, unless that one person has some really “unique” personality. Having a clean home with its squeaky floor and furniture is absolutely the most wonderful feeling in the world. Although we may love it, cleaning products can be quite expensive. They also actually contain harsh chemical substance which can be released into the air while using the product. This issue is then became a major concern for those family with kids and pets. In order to avoid any bad things happen towards our beloved kids and pets, one of the solutions is that we can use an all natural household cleaners. Baking soda and vinegar are two great natural cleaner (as you maybe already know), but did you know that there is another thing in you fridge which is being really powerful cleaning properties? Go open your fridge now, and get some of those fresh sour oval fruit citrus with yellow color. Yes! Lemons are also a great all-natural cleaner.

Lemons are quite inexpensive. While maybe it is quite difficult to find vinegar in some country, I think we’re all good with lemons. Lemons contain acids along with its juice and oil in its skin which is taking the act as the cleaning agents. Another plus, lemons have all natural fresh scent! You can start to change your habit in cleaning things with any chemical product into this natural method just after you read this article, because what will you read is about five things you can clean with lemons!

  1. Use It To Give Your Fridge A Fresh And Energizing Scent

You can put some cotton ball which is already been soaked by lemon juice in a bowl and put them inside your fridge. Or, you can just put some lemon juice inside a tiny cup and put it in your fridge. If you that kind of person who treasures your time, you can just cut the lemons in a half and put it inside your fridge! And you can just chance them with the fresh one in every week. This will give your fridge a really nice scent which will really helpful to get rid those unpleasant smelly smell from your fridge.

  1. Nasty Greasy Microwave? FEAR NO MORE.

All those stains and grease inside of the microwave are one of the tough things to clean. How we can use lemons to get it clean? Simply cut a lemon in half and squeeze all of its juice into a microwave save bowl. Fill a half of it with clean water, and put the rest of the lemons in it. Take it inside your microwave, and set the time for about five minutes in the highest setting available. Bang! Open your microwave and smell that good heavenly smell. Take out your bowl and start to clean your microwave with a clean damp cloth. The steam came from your lemon will make it easy to clean the stains inside the microwave chamber.

  1. Lemons Will Save Your Time And Your Sponges.

Having grated cheese topping on our pasta is amazing, but cleaning the cheese grater after that? Ummm…. Not likely the same thing to feel. The cheese is most likely sticking inside the cheese grater’s blades. Now it is the time to get your lemons, cut it in half, and start to rob your cheese grater with the lemon’s flesh. That stubborn dairy product will disappear after you rinse it with water, and you will also save your sponges!

  1. Deodorizing And Scouring Your Wooden Cutting Board

Tired of those smelly smell and food stains on your wooden cutting board? Just prepare a half cut lemon and coarse salt. Sprinkle some salt on the cutting board, and start to rub it with the flesh of the lemon. Rub it as hard as you can with circular movements, and rinse it with water once you’ve done. The lemon oil combined with the minerals will also protect your wooden cutting board from another stains and smell from the foods.

  1. Let’s Clean Our Kettle!

Make an ounce of lemon juice and put it inside your kettle along with a cup of water. bring it to boil and let it cool. After a few of water rinse, check your kettle insides, shines and clean.

Those are 5 things you can do with lemons! There are still a lot things we can do with it, but why don’t you try to do some of this first? You will definitely surprised with its natural power!