Seven Simple Shopping Tricks to Save Your Earnings

Everyone wants to save money; to spend a little amount of it, and getting something more, or at least worth of it. While we want to fill up our small piggy banks, everything start to costs so much! Good food, good services, good phone, good trip, it all seems really expensive to get. As we are craving with our needs, we are seems to never get what we really need or want. Therefore, how could we do that? How could we save money and start to get things that actually worth our cash? The key is that you have to change your habit in shopping. These seven tips of shopping and saving money will help you to do that!

  1. Getting a New Pair f Glasses.


Getting a new pair of glasses seems to be always costs more than we expected. You have to go to the oculist, getting your eye all checked, and then getting the prescription, which is not inexpensive at all. What can you do? Well, if your prescription has not changed but you’d like a new pair of glasses, actually many of those eyeglass outlets are able to copy the lenses on your existing pair. You won’t need to go to the oculist, having an exam to get the prescription, or going through that long-journey anymore. You can just come to the outlets and let them take a look at yours. It will always good for you to have a backup pair.

  1. Getting the Freshest and Hottest Fries on Fast Food Outlets

fast food

Sometimes it is disappointing that every time we order for any french fries, what we get is that cold-rubbery fries that have been sitting out for long time. How we can get those fresh and hot fries, then? We can simply ask them the one without salt. Those fries which has been sitting out are actually been salted, so every time you order one without salt, they will make you the fresh one. This is a really good trick, but always remembers your place! If there is a long line behind you, consider to not doing this trick.

  1. Comparing the Prices

comparing prices

If you ask to them, many retailers will do the price match to their items. If you want to get less price, you can simply ask them tell them that the same model is actually on sale for less at another competing store. There is a chance that you will get that sale price. You can do this trick especially if you are about to purchase some electronic things or gadget.

  1. Cheap Textbook for Students!

Image: Books

Getting textbooks in college was one of the priciest things in college life. These textbook used in college, especially science textbook can make a big hole on a student pocket, literally. This is the trick every college student has to remember: buy any college books, especially those English version books, from other English speaking countries for much less. You can get it from e-bay, of any similar sites online,

  1. Never Say “Wedding” to Florists


When we come to buy flowers for decorating, especially for wedding party, the common mistakes we said to the florist is that we tell them that the flowers are going to be used for wedding party. Instead of saying that, it is always better to said “for an event” or “just for a occasions at home”. Prices for wedding are always significantly higher than they are for “events”.

  1. Always Anticipated!


Always be friendly with any retail worker, that is the trick. You will never know what you will get by being friendly with everyone, right? Most of retail workers are actually know what will be on sale for the next week in the store. If you already get all friendly with them, you can simply ask them about it and plan your next shopping accordingly to save some cash.

  1. You are Actually Don’t Need Many Household Cleaning Products

cleaning product

You can keep your extra money just by buying white vinegar. You can just dilute white vinegar in a place of household cleaners which is actually does the exact same job. It is cheaper, all-natural, all-purpose, kills germs, and you can easily drops any essential oil in it to make it good scented.