Six “Unique” Themed Restaurants around the World


Nowadays, there are numerous new restaurants and café popped out in town offering their most unique signature concept to us. Bringing a new concept in their appearances and foods seems to be a brilliant idea in attracting consumers who are tired eating at the same restaurant with their everyday-looks-just-a-same food and atmosphere. If you are one of those kinds of person, let’s take a look into these 6 weirdest and creepiest restaurants on Earth! What will you read in this article will either make your appetite goes up or jumps freely without parachutes.

  1. Eating a Portion of Human’s Flesh Sushi? Why Not!

The name “Cannibalistic Sushi” was really famous recently in Tokyo, Japan. Well, don’t be upset because actually they don’t sell any human parts in their restaurant, but what you will get is actually really something too. You will be served with their best seller claimed menu: an edible human body resembles a woman with its fair “skin” made of dough and dripping “blood” came from its guts as the sauce. This “dead body” will be wheeled into the room and placed on your table! And now, what you are supposed to do is that you have to cut into the “body” with a scalpel, and after doing some patron to eat like those in Japanese drama, you start to dig in by “operating” the body to reveal the edible “organs” inside.

  1. Hitler’s Cross, because Eating along With Bad Memories is Good.

This restaurant named “Hitler Cross” was taking its debut in august, 2006 in Mumbai India. Since that day, this restaurant became really famous instantly because many communities are provoked into anger. This restaurant are forced to change its name into “The Cross” by the government of India just after a few days since its opening, along with the removal of all memorabilia of Nazi and Hitler inside of it.

  1. Hospital’s Food was Never this Good!

There is this restaurant named “Hospitalis” in Riga, Latvia. You probably won’t believe it, but in order to eat here you have to be put on a straight jacket like those schizophrenics patients. if you are asking about “now, how we are supposed to eat?”, so you don’t have to worry because there are nurses who will fed the food for you. This is anything but normal, right?

  1. I love Steak.


Do you like those greasy melted tender meat which is done upon a burning grill? Try this restaurant, then! In Las Vegas, Nevada, there is this “Heart Attack Grill” which has pretty unique rules in order to eat there. The rule is simple: the larger customers eat totally free. Therefore, for those who can’t finish their meals will be spanked by these hot waitress dress as a nurse. In here, the only thing you pay with is humiliation.

  1. The Magic… Restroom?

Yes, you read it right. This restaurant’s name is “The Magic Restroom Café” located in City of Industry, California. What they try to offer to us is a simple concept of eating in unusual place with unusual equipments. No one will wonder about how it will be like if your food is served in a toilet, or maybe have the same look like those should belong there. In this place, you will served with delicious foods with that kind of unusual equipments started from the chair, and even the bowl which has the shape of a toilet.

  1. This… Delicious Darkness

In Beijing, China, you can eat on this really unique restaurant named “Pitch-Black Restaurant”. Just go enter the place and you will see nothing… literally. The restaurant was set to be pitched-black dark, and only the waitress wear their own night vision goggle like those in action movies. The point is that you will never know what you are eating, and that is what the restaurant offers to you. They believe that as a result of lacking vision, the way you perceive the taste of your food will change. Want to try?

Please tell me that you have already made your choice in which restaurant from those explained previously that will be your next destination of food traveling? Well, for me, maybe eating a portion of ice cream on a toilet bowl will made its taste last a lifetime.