The Wierd-Look of Fruits

Looking for some new foods to try? Bored with the same old vegetable rack in your store? It is passe pineapple? If this describes your mood, then prepare for exotic fruits and vegetables from around the strange world. From yardlongs, which grew so fast that you can almost see getting bigger, durian, smelling dirty gym sock, but it feels like a custard cream almonds, this is the wildest, weirdest food in the nature. Leave the bucket list and do some travel plans. You cannot call yourself a true culinary adventurer until you’ve tested each item on this list.

  1. Horned Melon

horned melon

Horned melon is a fruit produced from vines metuliferus Cucumis traveling. It is a member of the family Cucurbitaceae, along with nearly all melons and cucumbers and pumpkins. Horned melon is one of the few melon really is more like cucumber melon, because the seeds are found in all meat, not only in the seed cavity. Horn melon has some other vernacular names, such as African horned melon, African horned cucumber, hedged gourd, jelly melon, fruit Blowfish, cherie and Melano. One of the fruits of the most unusual in appearance, melon Horned produce points around the tip, bright yellow and orange mottled skin. The interior contains a rich, like jelly, lime green flesh studded with white beans reminiscent of cucumber seeds. This melon has a bittersweet, banana and lime flavor. The flavors are enhanced when it is cold. The bright orange skin, sweet flesh. Horned melon is the size of a large pear and usually weighs less than a pound. Both seeds and edible meat.

  1. Manggoesteen


There are hundreds of varieties of mango. The mango is considered by some as the most consumed fruit in the world. This is known as the “King of Fruits” in India. The botanical name is Mangifera Indica, and mango belongs to the same family (Anacardiaceae) as cashews and pistachios. The handles can be red, yellow or green on the outside, soft skin, and had a bright orange flesh color and sweet, sometimes bitter. Due to variations in the color varieties of mango skin, the color does not necessarily indicate ripeness. Such as avocado, mango mature pressure. Mango companies ripen at room temperature. The mango is a popular material for the sauce and greetings worldwide. Sweet Mango is also widely used in desserts and baked goods along with ice cream and ice cream. The handles can be cut and dried in a dehydrator. A chopped mango flavor lends a tropical fruit smoothies. Because of the natural enzyme, Mango often an ingredient in meat tenderizers marinades.

  1. Akebi Fruit

akebi fruit

Fruit Akebi is both wild and cultivated. Exotic fruits are in Japan looking for a very brief period in late summer or early fall. Due to the availability of short, distribution somewhat limited and only a few shops in limited quantities. Akebi fruit has a purple color is not often seen in nature. It is a measure of Russet potatoes and soft. A slice can be removed from the thick skin of fruit Akebi domesticated, while wild fruits grow to be allowed to participate in the maturity of their own shows. In the fruit is sweet Akebi translucent white flesh (similar in appearance and texture to lychee a) to taste a bit like a pear. The meat is full of shiny black seeds. The meat inside Akebi usually eat fresh fruit, drinking purple sheath. The seeds can spit or eaten; can be difficult to remove from the meat jelly. The sheath itself can be cooked and used much like the traditional dishes of vegetables in Tohoku. He went, sauteed and fried. The bitter taste of the skin; mild flavor, unopened pod soaked in water for thirty minutes to an hour.

  1. Jack Fruit

jack fruit

Jack fruit trees will manufacture 100-50 to 200-50 of fruit each year. Jack fruit hanging from a tree and suspended on durable stems that grow on the most trunk and bigger branches. the best of all the fruits of the shaft, jackfruit is oval and knotty skin. This fruit will weigh up to eighty or ninety pounds. the common size of the pony is 3 feet long and 2 feet weighs 40-50 pounds. throughout the ripening method, the skin becomes pale brownish-yellow to inexperienced and develops a sweet aroma. a complete of 1 hundred seeds one in. will be found altogether fruits, fleshy segments that wrap around every seed is taken into account a part of the chosen items. The style of pink, gold, or contemporary meat terribly sweet beige color, with some melon, mango, papaya and banana.