This Gross Ingredients Used In Our Make Up And Cosmetics

Make up and cosmetics are something that every woman must have, not only for certain situation, now–it’s used also in almost every circumstances. Not only for women, men also used some-kind of make up and cosmetics in their everyday-life, stuff like toothpaste are also include on it. Below, we’ll show you a some weird ingredients that put into our make up and cosmetics…

1. Expensive Perfume Contains Hardened Whale Vomit And Feces


It called Ambergris, it is a solid, waxy, flammable substance of a dull grey or blackish color produced in the digestive system of sperm whales. Freshly produced ambergris has a marine, Faecal odour. However, as it ages, it acquires a sweet, earthy scent commonly likened to the fragrance of rubbing alcohol without the vaporous chemical astringency. For years it was used in perfumes to make the scent last longer. But now it largely been replaced by synthetics and only legal for use and trade in France and Switzerland. So, you gotta be careful if you want to buy a perfume from those places.

2. Guanine Is Also Found In Bird Droppings And Used For Faical Treatments In Japan

Woman In Spa Saloon

Guanine is one of the four main nucleobases found in the nucleic acids DNA and RNA, the others being adenine,  cytosine, and thymine (uracil in RNA). It is said to give those who use it a bright skin tone.

3. Your Lipstick (And Coffee) Contains Crushed Up Beetles


Cochineal Beetles are wingless insects that eat cactus plants in in South and Central American countries. They excrete a red chemical called carminic acid that when mixed with calcium salts makes a natural red dye called carmine. Because the dye is all natural and safe for human consumption, it’s often used in lipstick, food dyes, and even Starbucks admitted to using it in their drinks.

4. Your Shampoo And Nail Polish Probably Contain Fish Scales


Crystallized Guanine is a pearl escent substance in fish scales that usually added to shampoo and nail polish to give it a shimmery look.

5. Bull Semen Is a Luxury Product Used To Treat Our Dry Hair


A salon in London mixes bull semen with other protein-filled ingredients to treat severely dry hair. In U.S. dollars, the treatment can cost up to $140. For the one who had a dry hair, you should considering this ingredients.

6. Slimy Snail Goo Is Used In High-End Faical Creams


Snails are notoriously gooey creatures, but their sticky secretions are packed with glycolic acid, also known as alpha hydroxy acid, a term you may recognize from pricey bottles of anti-aging cream.

7. A Main Component In Dynamite Is Also Used In Facial Scrubs And Toothpaste


Diatomaceous earth is a soft rock that can be crumbled into a powder. It’s very mild and often used in products that are abrasive in nature such as toothpaste and facial scrubs.

8. Sheep Wool Oil Is An Incredibly Common Moisturizer 


It is one of the most common ingredients in lotion, shaving cream, and moisturizing products. Check out the ingredients on your favorite lotion, and you’ll most likely find lanolin at the top.

9. Infant Foreskins Are Used In Fancy Face Creams And In Cruetly-Free Cosmetic Testing


One infant foreskin can be used for years to make fibroblast, a type of cell that plays a big role in wound healing, and is also used in fancy anti-aging products. Cosmetics are also tested on infant foreskins, instead of animal skin. Not only does this save innocent lab rats, but it also shows how a product reacts on human skin instead of animals.

10. Shark Liver Oil Is Used In Moisturizer 


It called Squalene, it is a chemical that all living plants and animals produce, including humans. But for commercial uses, squalene is often harvested from shark livers. Since squalene is the most common lipid produced by human skin cells, slathering on extra squalene in the form of lotion can help quench ultra-dry skin. It’s also used in vaccines, and some scientists have credited it as a cancer-preventing substance.